Transition & Leadership Programs for Our Returning Heroes


As our transitioning veterans leave their military service behind and head back into civilian life, there are potential challenges they will face. While we look at these men and women as our bravest and most resilient for what they have endured, facing a new chapter without the right tools for success can be concerning and sometimes daunting.

For military branches, veteran organizations and employers who are looking to develop our veterans into the next “best hires” in our organizations, the Net Force Vets program takes “transitioning” and “transformation” to a different level.

Our perspective on re-entry into professional and personal civilian life is not a “vet issue” or a “corporate obligation”.  It is an opportunity for collaboration in bringing mindful, educated and career ready veterans to organizations that have a vested interest in hiring the best.

What Our Clients Say

For the past few months, Laurie has provided her expertise to my organization and women veteran clients. A first-rate professional, whose passion for the military and veteran community is clearly evident, she brings sincere enthusiasm and a deep understanding of who they are and their challenges. Through a healthy dialog and keen listening, Laurie connects military and leadership skills with potential opportunities, empowering our veterans every step of the way. I highly recommend Laurie for anyone seeking assistance with transitioning and navigating into a career.
Diane Yaris Adkins, MSW, JVS - Veterans First
Getting out of the military even under the best of circumstances is no easy task. Constantly there are organizations selling veterans on false hope.  Never have I met someone who appreciates the sacrifices that service members have made more than Laurie.  Through the coaching process, she helped me realize my true passion, which I would like to pursue as a career instead of just getting some job.  Laurie has put me in contact with top professionals in my desired career field and I now have a solid plan.  Working with her, I have enjoyed all of the benefits of someone with high corporate level experience while still being treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
Nathaniel G., Sergeant of Marines
Laurie is not only professional and knowledgeable about the service she provides; she is a very remarkable woman as well. As a United States Army veteran, I had the pleasure of coaching with Laurie as she helped me with my military transition to the civilian workforce. I am extremely grateful for her partnership in this journey. While there are so many ways to be of service to the country, Laurie is providing a much needed program to veteran members in these uncertain economic times.
I highly recommend her for any veteran or potential job seeker in need of high quality and professional coaching. Laurie, you are the best.
Breggetta Maravilla, Retired United States Army


What We Do


  • We bring a unique combination of career transitioning services and leadership coaching.
  • We work on how to take those military experiences (both challenging and rewarding), and extract the “called upon” strengths and skills to lead them into opportunity and success.
  • We go to a deeper level of self-awareness through a validated leadership assessment – shifting from “getting a job” to “creating a path for professional and personal fulfillment”.
  • We enhance the success factor of employment and retention by including critical sessions on onboarding for the business environment, elements of management, and self-leadership for the long haul.
  • We create alignment between a veteran’s competencies, the job role, and the organization.
  • The results are an informed, prepared, and job ready individual.


  • We bring insight to employers on how to hire veterans by:
    • Eliminating military stigmas.
    • Creating understanding and awareness on the hidden and valued military skills needed in our businesses today.
    • Providing job and leadership ready veterans.
    • Reducing onboarding and training costs.
    • Built in leadership level coaching and development for future roles.
  • We create an organizational shift from “our patriotic duty” to “best hire” mindset.
  • Our program is facilitated by a certified human resources professional, recruiter, and leadership coach.
  • The six-day, five module program allows for customization, flexibility, and onsite delivery.

Five Module Program

NetForceVetsProgram_02It takes a united effort to help our bravest in the next phase of their lives and bringing the “best hires” to our workforce. Whether an employer looking to hire veterans or become a corporate sponsor, a military branch with exiting soldiers, or a veterans’ organization, we invite you to learn more how the Net Force Vets program can help.

Contact us: or (626) 318-6458