Customized Group Management Training

Build fundamentals for current applications and better prepare for future leadership roles.

  • Delivering the right blend of management fundamentals with leadership level awareness.
  • On-site, interactive group sessions – weaving in emotional and social competencies for relevance at any level.
  • Customized programs based on organizational and leadership needs.
  • Enhance alignment with goals and culture.
  • Develop synergetic relationships with peers.

Why Net Force Coaching for Management Training?

Staying current with your workforce development is essential in today’s business.  With our ever-changing world, economic volatilities, and global competition, keeping your employees on the forefront of key competencies and leadership development is imperative.  Net Force Coaching advocates that leadership truly happens at any level so every facilitated session blends key management fundamentals with leadership and emotional intelligence. This approach creates immediate learning applications with a target on succession planning.

We are proud to offer on-site facilitation for the following programs:

Foundations of Management

This is a two-day course developed for first time managers or those looking at building their current management skill level.  A robust, interactive, and innovative session covering management fundamentals also weaves in leadership competencies, case studies, building alliances, and strategic planning.

Highlights of the program:

  • Budget Responsibility
  • Effective Delegating (when and when not to)
  • Organizational Communication
  • Performance Management and Coaching
  • Recruitment and Interviewing for Successful Hiring
  • Three M’s of Culture (Message, Model, and Manage)
  • The Leader Within Us
  • Understanding Dependencies & Lateral Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence

The Five “E” Zones

The course highlights the five zones or areas where your team is “living” or “existing” within your organization or department.

  • Enablement
  • Entitlement
  • Empowerment
  • Engagement
  • Endorsement

By defining and understanding each of these five zones, managers will learn how they each impact their team, performance, and outcomes.  We will create dialog around the perceptions of the term “engagement” – what it really is and is not.  Managers will discover how to recognize which zone an employee lives in and techniques to shift them to the next level.

Performance Management 

A detailed program where managers learn how they truly show up (negatively or positively) in this critical function.  Your team will learn the success factors in obtaining peak performance and how to deliver effective forward feedback performance appraisals.  Discussion includes team assessment, managing different levels of performance, and getting into the right action steps for onboarding new hires and out boarding poor performance.

Highlights include:

  • Critical Success Factors
  • Connecting Organizational Goals to Individual Behavior
  • Effective Performance Appraisals
  • Team Assessment
  • Managing Your Stars
  • Action-Based Model for Performance

Resolve to Evolve – Change Management

In this session, we bring awareness to your workforce on the change drivers within organizations.   This very engaged program gets your team into discussions around the why of organizational change and the potential uncertainty that surrounds it.  We will focus on how to overcome uncertainty, assumptions vs. truth and creating an empowering environment during organizational change.  Time is also spent on resilient organizations and the 4 “C’s” of resilient employees.  Most importantly, your team will develop key “forward thinking” techniques for future organizational change. 

Creating an Environment of Transparency

Healthy cultures thrive when the level of transparency and trust is abundant.  This session focuses on trust and the financial impact of its absence.    Those in leadership and management roles understand, “culture starts at the top” but aren’t always sure how to make it happen.  We use this session to 1) discuss how to authentically transform your culture, 2) study the three “C’s” around transparency within the workplace (Credibility, Courage, and Collaboration), and 3) look at the role of guardianship and championship in making a healthy culture breathe through  the organization.