About Net Force Coaching


Laurie Geoffroy

Net Force Coaching is about getting the wind back in your sails! Through our leadership development coaching, we help clients chart a course of discovering new opportunities and solutions to leadership success.

Adopting the philosophy that leadership matters at any level, Net Force Coaching seizes the opportunity to coach clients into effective, resonant leaders before taking a “seat” in the “C” suite. Proactively closing the gap between management and leadership enhances awareness of presence, alignment with goals and culture, influencing skills, and earned respect from peers and direct reports. By focusing on these competencies, we reduce potential role failure and the costs associated with it. It is never too early to develop your leaders; however, we have seen the impact when we have waited too long.

We build long-standing partnerships of trust, credibility, experience, and accreditation, where clients gain both an ROI AND relationship value.


  • 20 years of human resources and leadership – (manufacturing, financial services, technology, engineering, insurance, and start ups)
  • Understands diverse business climates, critical to meaningful coaching and training
  • Strategic operations and efficiency synergist
  • Effective speaker and trainer (both design and facilitation)
  • Certified leadership coach

Academic and Certifications

Bachelor of Science: Organizational Management

  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) – iPEC Institute
  • ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Assessment) accreditation – iPEC Institute
  • SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) – HCRI
  • ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) Assessment accreditation – The Hay Group